1. Åh, jag älskar denna bloggen, den får mig alltid att skratta. Fast skrattet sätter sig i halsen när jag tänker efter på hur absurt det faktiskt är. Tack!

  2. Gillar denna blogg, men här tycker jag väl ändå att det är tydligt att de säljer CD-skivor med (aktuella?) artisten Kylie Minouge som frontman?

      1. Your makeup bag is an absolute dream! One of my friends has the Naked pallet and I love how many different looks she gets out of it, detieifnly on my lust list as are the Mac lipsticks 🙂

    1. Reading this makes me feel affirmed, because I sometimes struggle with that precise fear — that my characters are too warm, that there aren’t enough jerks and se-ltinferested people in the story. Nice people and hot meals don’t have to come at the expense of conflict, though. They can serve to throw the bad stuff into greater relief.Thanks for sharing more of your experience with Sandy. I’m so glad you made it through safely!Like? 0

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