1. Ja, ska man sälja dillkaviar behövs reklam, hård marknadsföring. Vem? Vem köper dillkaviar?

  2. Och var fasen hÃ¥ller bilsepdlet hus? Det skulle jag bra gärna vilja veta. Här är det iaf tomt. Men jag VET att det var ett bildspel här en gÃ¥…

  3. Have the authors taken into account back-migration into Africa of farmers and pastoralists carrying Y-DNA E and R1b? If they haven't then this could mess up their calculations. If the major part of the population of Africa today actually has some ancestry in common with the Near East, surely the date of their separation from Eurasian people is going to look a lot younger than the actual "out of Africa" migration? Or am I just a clueless non-mathematician?

  4. Fantomzeit – Dunkelheit oder Leere im frühen Mittelalter? » St. Pantaleon – vier Rekorde fürs Guinness. Sven Schütte als karolingischer Lückenbüßer : 31. August : […] Anwander, Gerhard (2007): Wo ein Wille ist, ist auch ein Westwerk! Ein Kernbauwerk der Karolingerzeit erweist sich als Hirngespinst; …

  5. Thanks James!!!He had so much fun making this documentary!!! I expect he’ll be producing his own indie science show by the time he’s twelve. :DAll the crazy camerawork is my doing, and he was on his own for the script. Naturally he wanted to explain his pet theory about brambles being carnivorous plants. So you kind of have to take some of the “facts” in this documentary with a grain of salt. ;^)(Unfortunately I think flikr only shows the first minute or so of it.)

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