1. Det här ser ju ut som en tampongreklam. Rutan med text och logga ser ut typ som ett Tampaxpaket. Inte ens i en tampongreklam hade det ju dock varit nödvändigt med så mycket naken hud.

    1. Wow i was really impressed with your review on this! and im excited about going out and trying it! thanks a lot for taking the time to film your expeirence with these products!

    2. that many antihistamines also have anticholinergic effects. But it says, due to their anticholienrgic effects, they cannot be given for people with asthma, copd.Allegra was one of the antihistamines mentioned. So which book was right?

    3. Yes, I have to be your follower. I greatly appreciate your kindness to visit my blog and, in return, I promise I will pay my own visit to your blogs or your sites as soon as possible.; Insyaallah, through this sort of social amiability and solidarity, we could find out a great deal of thing which will be useful for advancing our human values. For the sake of friendship and togetherness, please leave a sign of your presence on Cbox or on comment, so that I can know it precisely and instantly.

    4. I am a fun loving person. Without that, I’d turn Devdas and be no use to anyone :pAlso true that I don’t give a hoot about what people think. If I did, I couldn’t write all this.You just discovered a new dimension in our friendship and of course I remember you fauji sahab (I think – from your tweets)

    5. Au fait Nom c’est moi. Et pourquoi mon histoire n’est pas validée ? C’est qu’il y a quelque chose qui ne va pas dans mon texte ???Ton histoire n’est pas validée, car nous n’avons pas encore eu le temps d’y jeter un coup d’oeil. un peu de patience.

    6. scrive:credo che il problema stia soprattutto nella seconda che hai detto: i blogger non sono depositari della verita’. Pagati o meno che siano.D’altra parte, e’ anche vero che le dinamiche del mercato delle informazioni portano (e porterebbero anche la blogosfera) ad un mainstream che conosciamo bene. Per questo e’ desiderabile che le due cose (mercato dell’informazione e blogosfera) rimangano sostanzialmente due, e non una.

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