1. bill sed:”Or else we can continue the way that we are, until America actually becomes a Third World country….”Bill, that’s the goal of all this. Third World countries suck for the middle class (mostly white America), but are great for the über-rich (few restrictions, corruption, weak government) and criminals (same as before). Did you ever wonder what Rezko and Soros had in common?

  2. Maya,Though I have not used a slow cooker myself, but I presume you can do it. The pressure cooker is used to fasten the process of the cooking, so even if you use a wok in preparing the curry there is no problem, all you need to do is cover the wok/pan you are using and set over low flame. Let the mutton get cooked.

  3. Wirklich ein tolles Schränkchen!Ich bin ja sowieso total beeindruckt von deiner Wohnung und den schönen Einrichtungsideen – sehr inspirierend!Und danke, dass du mitgemacht hast – das freut mich riesig :-DLiebe Grüße

  4. Can’t wait to see the new home sewing studio!Take your time. Moving is no easy task, and you’ll need to get your bearings before making design decisions.Enjoy this beautiful (hot, hot, hot) summer. The unpacking and organizing will still be there after you relax.I’m looking forward to your new book. I really enjoyed the first 3.

  5. got the script going, starting making progress with it, however is it possible to be able to search on names instead of club and such, i would love if i just had to type messi instead of his info.How would i go about this?There should be some kind of database where player names are linked to resource/base id right?thanks in advance

  6. 03 Nov 27, 2007 11:50 pm I got a good laugh out of you torturing your mom every year! Especially since we have countless Star Wars toys in our house (mine and my husband’s, not the kids’ – yet).

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