1. Ha! Den var ju rolig, men den skulle ha funkat lika bra med en kille.

    Jag googlade medan jag skrev detta, och den finns en version med en näckande karl också.

  2. Does it matter that the woman in this photo is an employee for the company whose services are being advertised, and volunteered to participate in the campaign? Does it make a difference that she was only one of several such volunteers, including both men and women, and both young and old people?

    By focusing on just this one photo, and taking it out of context, you are going out of your way to take offense. Furthermore, you are deliberately misleading your readers.


  3. ok, hörde om den här bloggen på nyheterna att den skulle vara mot kvinnor i reklam. Bara ett problem, du skriver inget, utan lägger bara ut bilderna. Vilket indirekt blir att du hjälper dem att sprida sexistisk reklam. Dåligt!

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