1. Alltså vad fan försöker de sälja? Det framgår liksom inte vad det är för slags produkt genom en bild på en sexig tjej och den där… vad det nu är hon vill pussa på alternativt ha som svans.

    1. Tara – Amanda and Chris!! They sound super cute and quirky! I smiled and laughed through a few of those stories, and I can really sense a true connection between them despite dieefrencfs and fights. PLUS: I KNOW that your style of photography will do wonders coupled with an odd-ball duo like this!-T

    2. Doch.. Shopping Center haben schon was… gut auch, weil man schnell wieder am Parkplatz ist und Tüten mal schnell unterstellen kann.. und meistens hats ja auch noch einen Lebensmittelmarkt drinnen, dann hat man alles in einem…

    3. Oh Fábio… isso acusa .. que laboratório é o teu??’… não é o do … aquele que ganhou o Tour..e a Vuelta e a ” Volta ” ? RG … Parece que de toda gente que por aqui passa está” tapada ” pelo feitos dos deuses GREGOS … pois é disso que se trata e você é o único que vai direitinho ao ” problema” de ser ” atleta”, já somos 2. Mas òlha tem cuidado… !!! Arriscas a perder a tua saúde como o Simpson ou… os que tomam nos treinos são… honestos. Gosto do ciclismo para saber a que ponto está o desenvolvimento da matéria.

    4. Dear Sarina, I’ve been reading your reports and thoughts – so you are back in Berlin by now. Very moving, I feel you had a really great time Down Under and all where you have been to. How wonderful! I hope you are adjusting well to Berlin again – and, of course, keep dreaming your dreams.Any urge to meet us again? To care for Leopold and/or Ludwig in August (10th, 13th, …)?Best wishes and lots of love,Bettina.

    5. he has been dying to propose but he was just really nervous cuz Jen had a been-there-done-that attitude about marriage (other reports said that he was “surprised, but very happy she said yes”). His friend said that it was pretty much obvious that Justin was head over hills and they aren’t really that surprised about the engagement. Congrats to them, and eggs to the naysayers lol.Oh and his sister, Elizabeth, is ecstatic as well.

    6. My wish is the same as the one we didn’t get in Access 2010: a better SQL editor. Something like the SSMS has, even without all the bells and whistles would be a vast improvement.

    7. Steve wrote “But by describing our disagreement as a “basic lack of humanity,” she presupposed something about my being that I couldn’t change, and had no choice about. Described in this way, there was no point in trying to please her, because I suffered from a “basic lack.” I can change what I do, and how I think and respond, but I can’t change who I am.”I imagine that the beliefs, that he can’t change who he is and has no choice about who he is, could be limiting. I don’t share those beliefs.

    8. Anna Elisa Soares comentou em 18 de agosto de 2011 às 23:40. Julia,tentei olhar nos posts antigos e não consegui identificar o número do segundo pincel (sem ser o chanfrado) que você usou no acabamento do delineador. Qual é?Beijos, você é incrível, mulher!

  2. Sent svar, men det är möss som är utformade för att spela med (således tämligen värdelösa produkter sålänge de inte är kopplade till en dator). Vad besviken jag blev över att se detta från QPAD; jag hade själv tänkt köpa musen som syns på första bilden, men jag hade ju tänkt använda den för att spela spel, inte för att släpa den efter mig eller pussa på den.
    Det är svårt att köpa gaming gear när en väljer bort alla företag som säljer sina grejer med tjejer; är de inte i annonserna så är de booth babes. Konstigt att spelindustrin inte lockar fler tjejer.

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